The Kenpo Belt System and Progression

The Kenpo belt system is a well-structured and comprehensive way of recognizing a practitioner’s skill and knowledge within the art of Kenpo. It is used to signify one’s level of proficiency and dedication to the martial art. Kenpo, like many martial arts, employs a color-coded belt system to mark various stages of progression and mastery. …

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Grandmaster Ed Parker

Kenpo Ed Parker

Grandmaster Edmund Kealoha Parker, 10th Degree Black Belt, is the undisputed father of American Kenpo with the greatest modern day influence on the spread of Kenpo around the world. He has often been referred to as a “genius of motion” and has made an incomprehensible contribution to the martial arts world. Black Belt in┬áJudo, He was born …

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How to Execute the Flashing Mace Move in Kenpo

Kenpo Flashing Mace

Kenpo, a martial art known for its practical self-defence techniques, features the “Flashing Mace” move as a potent method for defending against various threats. This dynamic technique combines speed, precision, and striking power to neutralize an opponent effectively. In this how-to article, we will guide you through the steps to execute the Flashing Mace move …

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James Mitose (Legacy and Controversies of a Kenpo Master)

Kenpo James Mitose

James Mitose, a name well-known in the world of martial arts, is often credited with introducing Kenpo to the United States. While his contributions to the martial arts world are undeniable, Mitose’s life is also marked by controversies and legal troubles. In this article, we’ll explore the legacy and controversies of James Mitose. The Legacy …

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Exploring the Dance of Death in Kenpo

Kenpo Dance of Death

Kenpo, a martial art known for its practical self-defence techniques and dynamic movements, incorporates a variety of manoeuvres designed for both defence and counter-attack. Among these techniques, the “Dance of Death” stands out as a formidable and potentially deadly sequence. In this article, we will delve into the Dance of Death in Kenpo, understanding its …

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How to Execute the Prance of the Tiger Technique

Kenpo Prance of the Tiger

The “Prance of the Tiger” is a dynamic and powerful technique often employed in martial arts, particularly in styles like Kenpo and Kung Fu. This technique combines swift footwork, precision, and striking power to unbalance and disarm an opponent effectively. In this how-to article, we’ll break down the steps to execute the Prance of the …

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How We Train in Kenpo

Kenpo Training

The priority of how we train is to be able to deal with real confrontations where an attacker (or attackers) are following no rules.  This requires a balance between realism and safety.  The classes provide the tools to manage a threatening situation while remaining unharmed.  As the student progresses through the art, they develop greater control …

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Incorporating the Mental Habits of Disciplined Kenpo Artists into Everyday Life

Kenpo Habits

Martial artists are renowned for their unwavering discipline, focus, and mental fortitude. While martial arts training is deeply ingrained in their daily lives, many of the mental habits cultivated in dojos and gyms can be applied to everyday life. These habits can lead to personal growth, resilience, and overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore …

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Kenpo Self-Defense Drill for Beginners

Kenpo Drill

Self-defence is a valuable skill for everyone to possess, and Kenpo, with its practical and effective techniques, offers a structured approach to self-protection. For beginners in Kenpo, it’s essential to start with foundational self-defence drills that help build skills, boost confidence, and instil the principles of this martial art. In this article, we’ll guide you …

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The Snapping Arm Move in Kenpo: Technique and How To

Kenpo Snapping Arm

Kenpo, with its rich history and dynamic techniques, is known for its practical self-defence methods. One such effective technique in Kenpo is the “Snapping Arm” move. This move is a quick, precise, and powerful defensive technique designed to disarm and incapacitate an opponent. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the Snapping Arm …

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