The Kenpo Belt System and Progression

The Kenpo belt system is a well-structured and comprehensive way of recognizing a practitioner’s skill and knowledge within the art of Kenpo. It is used to signify one’s level of proficiency and dedication to the martial art. Kenpo, like many martial arts, employs a color-coded belt system to mark various stages of progression and mastery. …

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Grandmaster Ed Parker

Kenpo Ed Parker

Grandmaster Edmund Kealoha Parker, 10th Degree Black Belt, is the undisputed father of American Kenpo with the greatest modern day influence on the spread of Kenpo around the world. He has often been referred to as a “genius of motion” and has made an incomprehensible contribution to the martial arts world. Black Belt in Judo, He was born …

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James Mitose (Legacy and Controversies of a Kenpo Master)

Kenpo James Mitose

James Mitose, a name well-known in the world of martial arts, is often credited with introducing Kenpo to the United States. While his contributions to the martial arts world are undeniable, Mitose’s life is also marked by controversies and legal troubles. In this article, we’ll explore the legacy and controversies of James Mitose. The Legacy …

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How We Train in Kenpo

Kenpo Training

The priority of how we train is to be able to deal with real confrontations where an attacker (or attackers) are following no rules.  This requires a balance between realism and safety.  The classes provide the tools to manage a threatening situation while remaining unharmed.  As the student progresses through the art, they develop greater control …

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Way of The Fist Karate

Kenpo Fist

“Kenpo,” often referred to as “Kempo” or “Kenpō,” is a martial art that originated in Japan but gained significant popularity and development in the United States. The term “Kenpo” is often translated as the “Way of the Fist” or “Fist Law.” It is a dynamic and versatile martial art that incorporates elements of striking, self-defense, …

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Kenpo in Australia

Kenpo Master

Kenpo was brought to Australia from Dublin, Ireland by Sam Purcell who moved to Perth in 1988.  Classes are now run by one of Sam’s first Black Belts, Slade Norris.  Both Sam and Slade are partners in the school and actively participate in the classes. Constant progressions Our Kenpo site aims to evolve the system by keeping up-to-date with constant …

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