Way of The Fist Karate

Kenpo Fist

“Kenpo,” often referred to as “Kempo” or “Kenpō,” is a martial art that originated in Japan but gained significant popularity and development in the United States. The term “Kenpo” is often translated as the “Way of the Fist” or “Fist Law.” It is a dynamic and versatile martial art that incorporates elements of striking, self-defense, …

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Kenpo in Australia

Kenpo Master

Kenpo was brought to Australia from Dublin, Ireland by Sam Purcell who moved to Perth in 1988.  Classes are now run by one of Sam’s first Black Belts, Slade Norris.  Both Sam and Slade are partners in the school and actively participate in the classes. Constant progressions Our Kenpo site aims to evolve the system by keeping up-to-date with constant …

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10 Easy Stress Reduction Methods Used by Professional Martial Artists

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t have to control us. Professional martial artists are experts not only in self-defense but also in maintaining a calm and focused mindset. These practitioners understand that managing stress is a vital component of their training. Whether you’re a martial artist yourself or just looking for …

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Best Exercise Types to Complement Martial Arts Training

Martial arts is a discipline that encompasses both physical prowess and mental balance. While rigorous training in a specific martial art is essential for honing your skills, supplementing your practice with other forms of exercise can be highly beneficial. These complementary exercises not only help improve your physical attributes but also contribute to mental balance, …

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