Kenpo is considered by many as the first truly eclectic martial art. 



  • Selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles

"Kenpo” literally translates as “Way of the Fist” (or “Law of the Fist”).  This does not mean that only the hands are used.  The entire body becomes a potential weapon, although the mind remains the most important key to self-defence. 


Kenpo is an unarmed system of combat.  Logic is applied to  every stage of defence and offence.  By looking at human motion in all its fine distinctions, Kenpo techniques provide both maximum efficiency (no wasted time, movement or energy) and maximum effectiveness (speed, power, focus).  This principle is known as “economy of motion” in the Kenpo terminology upon which the system is based.  Kenpo is designed to evolve.  Ed Parker (the founder of modern day Kenpo) discarded traditional methods of martial arts practice that were not realistic for street application and added concepts and principles of motion that were not being employed by other systems at the time.


In order to be as effective as possible in a situation where attackers obey no rules, Kenpo techniques are designed to inflict maximum effect in the shortest possible time with minimal target exposure (ie. to hit without getting hit). 


The art emphasises continued explosive movement to overwhelm one or more opponents while focusing on strikes to vulnerable parts of the human body.  These responses may then be appropriately applied to the individual situation.


"Whatever the attitude, so dictates the response"

-- Ed Parker